The European Night of Museums 2022

On Saturday, May 14, 2022, France and many European countries celebrated the 18th edition of the European Night of Museums with more than 3000 museums open during the night and free of charge to the public.

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20 May 2022

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A project of European origins

If France is today the beating heart of this cultural event, it is worth remembering that it is in Germany that the first event of the same kind took place. The Lange Nacht der Musen, the long night of the museums in French took place in 1997 in Berlin.

The success of the event inspired the French Ministry of Culture to create the “Printemps des musées” in 1999. French museums were invited to open their doors to the public for free on a spring Sunday.

Faced with the success of the event, France transformed this cultural event into the Night of Museums in 2005 to attract new audiences to these places of art and knowledge. The cultural event took a European dimension and many countries of the continent followed France and take part in the annual event.

The opportunity to live a different experience in museums

The Night of museums is the occasion to discover museums for free, under another eye and live an unusual museum experience. At night our senses are particularly alert, and museums can appear more intimate, the light is different from usual, the works seem more peaceful or disturbing..

More broadly, the European Night of the Museums is often an opportunity for museum teams to design new, original cultural tours geared towards young people such as scape games, celebrity appearances, artistic performances and other concerts.  are often.

Every year since 2005, an ever-increasing number of visitors and increasingly motivated participating museums contribute to the success of this offbeat cultural event.


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