25 Jan, 2022

Claire’s pop up petit cabaret presents: -Promenade à Paris

Promenade à Paris is a potent Parisian cocktail of music, tap dance and joie de vivre.

From the dynamic team that created The Paris Cats, this delightful cabaret is a musical stroll through the French capital. Audiences will magically:Wander through Montmartre in the Belle Epoque.Live it up at Maxim’s in the Jazz era.Swing to gypsy jazz in the 40s in Bastille. Catch Edith Piaf performing at the Moulin Rouge.Experience existentialism in the 60s on the Left Bank.Saunter down the Seine with Serge Gainsbourg. Bop to jazz on a barge by the Pont Marie.


Pianist Chris Cody, vocalist Daniella Barda and writer/tap dancer Ruby Boukabou met while performing in jazz clubs, theatres and cabarets in Paris. Their unique chemistry was woven over many late Parisian nights in jazz caves full of song, dance, debate and discovery. Now, with Promenade à Paris, they are serving Australian audiences this potent Parisian cocktail of music, tap dance and joie de vivre.


Chris CodyPianist and composer Chris Cody lived in Paris for 25 years where he worked with numberous jazz musicians and with artists such as Carla Bruni, Michel Jonasz, Belle du Berry (Paris Combo) and Marcel Azolla (Jacque Brel’s accordionist). He also performed in French theatre productions such as Le Gros, la Vache et le Mainate, (Theatre du Champs Elysee) Jazzie Josie B (Le Trianon, Montmartre) and Crochambule (Bastille).  In Australia Chris has performed with The Paris Cats, Baby et Lulu and Excuse The French as well as leading his own jazz group (Chris Cody Coalition) at festivals and concerts.


Daniella BardaDaniella Barda spent over 20 years in Paris and throughout Europe entertaining people with her beautiful melodies and touching tones. She flows smoothly between styles- from Broadway tunes to Big Band, modern jazz to Bossa Nova. A passionate performer with a great sense of humour, Daniella’s gigs are always a treat to attend whether they be in a piano bar in the Latin Quarter, a jazz cave in the Marais or at the Festival d’Avignon.


Ruby BoukabouRuby Boukabou is a writer, tap dancer and cabaret performer. She has spent the last couple of decades tapping up a storm in cabarets and concert venues around the world from Zurich to Paris, Melbourne to Mumbai, London to Algiers. She is also a travel reporter and the author of The Art Lovers Guide to Paris, The Architecture Lovers Guide to Paris and Sense in the City Paris. Ruby hosts the Sense in the City podcast. www.senseinthe.cityPast cabarets Ruby has written and performed include Parisian Rendez Vous, The Paris Cats and Paris by Night. She performs in Paris with Le Shuffle Project and Paris Tap Crew and has appeared in many clips on the bridges, by the canals and in the clubs.

The cabaret room capacity is now only 45 guests to adhere to the Covid 19 personal distancing rules

Anyone entering the premises must be double vaccinated and check-in with Service NSW with QR code

All reasonable steps are being taken to mitigate against the risk of transmission of infection within the venue (with reference to standard and additional cleaning measures as recommended by public health authorities and SafeWork NSW).

If you are exhibiting any flu-like symptoms, please stay home.

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25/01/22 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Claire's Kitchen at le Salon, 35 Oxford St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

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