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16 Mar - 14 Jul, 2024

French art exhibitions at the Bendigo Art Gallery

In 2024, head to the Bendigo Art Gallery for your slice of Paris. This autumn, the gallery will be welcoming an exclusive exhibition from the renowned Musée Carnavalet.

Paris: Impressions of Life 1880 – 1925
16 Mar 24 – 14 Jul 24

If you can’t take the people you love to Paris, France take them to Paris, Bendigo this autumn.

Wander through the vibrant and picturesque scenes of historical Paris where social change, urban development, and artistic innovation collided to create the modern marvel we know today. Wander through the lively banks of the Seine, the bustling marketplaces, grand boulevards, charming public gardens, and soak in the bohemian vibes of Montmartre—all beautifully captured in over 170 exquisite works of art and artisan objects. This exclusive exhibition, straight from the esteemed Musée Carnavalet – History of Paris, brings the essence of Parisian history to the heart of Bendigo.

Click here for more information and tickets.


Thankfully, to keep you waiting, the Bendigo Art Gallery is now showing another Paris-themed collection. Showing until the 3rd of November, The School of Paris: Australian artists abroad highlights the work of Australian artists having travelled or emigrated to France to learn the local techniques and surround themselves in the culture. ‘The School of Paris’ was a term coined in reference to the wave of non-French artists from around the world who gravitated to this thriving centre of artistic activity.

Click here for more information on the collection.

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16/03/24 12:00 am - 12:00 am
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14/07/24 12:00 am - 12:00 am
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Bendigo Art Gallery, 42 View St, Bendigo VIC

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