19th Century France: the era of revolutions, changes and experimentations

After introducing the Merovingians, the Carolingians, the Capetians and the French Revolution of 1789 last year, History Conferences are back in 2022 for a new season!

This year, the focus will be on a vibrant yet lesser-known century in the history of France: the 19th century. Historians Romain Fathi and Claire Rioult will take you through this tumultuous period in the country’s history,
starting with Napoléon and the almighty Premier Empire, and finishing with the formidable debacle of his nephew’s – Napoléon III – regime, aptly named le Second Empire.
In between, you will discover or rediscover the turbulent history of the French people who managed to fit seven constitutional systems,
two other revolutions, several wars, two emperors, three kings and a Président de la République in 70 eventful years!
This fascinating period has left its mark on today’s France, both in politics and culture, and is therefore quite important to understand contemporary France.



Book conference number 1: Conference I: Napoléon and the Premier Empire: Rise and Fall

Book conference number 2: The return of the Monarchy 1814-1848

Book conference number 3: The Republican Dream and the Second Empire, 1848-1870

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