Paul Taylor – BISOUBYE X in Australia!

About his show

Salut, hi!

Je m’appelle Paul, je suis Anglais et j’habite en France. J’ai fait deux spectacles bilingues intitulés “#FRANGLAIS” et “So British ou presque”. They both went really well, so I’m doing a third show ! Jamais deux sans trois, right ? À part les enfants. Dans ce cas là, un seul suffit ! One and done.

It’s called “Bisoubye x” and as the name suggests, the show is about having to say goodbye to a certain number of things in my life to be able to move on to the next chapter.

Si t’as déjà vu mes deux premiers spectacles et toutes mes vidéos sur les réseaux, ne t’inquiète pas, ce sont des nouvelles blagues (oui oui, il y en a qui bossent !)

Le concept reste donc pareil. Il y aura des blagues en français and there’ll be jokes in English. It’s a live show so there are no subtitles, donc ramène ta pinte et ton dictionnaire !

About Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor is a british comedian who lives in France. He grew up in Switzerland and France, allowing him to notice and joke about differences between british and francophone culture.

Paul gained initial success for his comedy video on “la bise” which, due to its success, gained him entry into the world of television with the regular short programs “What the Fuck France”, “What’s Up France” and “Steteotrip”, the latter of which explores clichés and stereotypes accross europe.

Despite success on television, he primarily defines himself as a stand-up comedian, his shows include “#Franglais”, “So British (ou presque)” and of course, the upcoming “Bisoubye x”.

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Get a taste of his humour by watching the “#Franglais” show: