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Art By Yasmina Reza

Art by leading French playwright Yasmina Reza, the Olivier, Moliere and Tony Award-winning comedy classic, paints a satirical and witty portrait of the meaning of art and friendship with the scintillating English translation by Christopher Hampton a runaway success around the world. Starring international comedy legend, Shane Dundas with Christopher Carroll and Craig Alexander with direction from Shelly Higgs.

Are you who you think you are or are you who your friends think you are?

Fiendishly clever and wildly funny, ‘Art’ is a stylish meditation on the art of friendship and what it is that binds people together. A massive international hit and award-winning contemporary classic from the French powerhouse playwright Yasmina Reza, with a scintillating English translation by Christopher Hampton, ‘Art’ has enjoyed runaway success around the world since 1996.

It all starts in Paris. Serge has bought a modern work of art for a large sum of money. Marc hates the painting and cannot believe that a friend of his could possibly want such a work. Yvan attempts, unsuccessfully, to placate both sides with hilarious consequences.

The acclaimed French playwright, screenwriter and novelist, Yasmina Reza is best known for her plays Le Dieu du Carnage (God of Carnage) and Art, with Art winning the triple crown in the theatre world – the French Molière award, the British Olivier award and the American Tony award. The first non-English language piece to win a Tony, the play has been produced in 45 countries and translated into more than 30 languages. Reza is the only contemporary French author whose theatre is performed around the world.