The «Dictionnaire des francophones»

A digital dictionary, collaborative, and scalable to illustrate and bring to life the richness of the French language in the world, a free application.

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27 Oct 2021

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Fruit of the will of the President of the Republic, the Dictionnaire des Francophones reveals the exceptional richness, diversity, creativity and constant evolution of the French language as it is practiced on the five continents.

In March 2021, le Dictionnaire des francophones was born to celebrate Francophonie day. This descriptive, participatory, free and open-source dictionary offers more than 500,000 French terms and expressions describing the use of French in the entire French-speaking world. An institutional and participatory project, it is developing thanks to its many partners such as the French Ministry of Culture. You will discover the words and expressions of French-speaking countries: chat (Quebec), spring water, launch a camel (Democratic Republic of Congo), career break (Belgium), have a sweet mouth (Ivory Coast).

This fall, it has been enriched and the ergonomics have been improved, taking into account the feedback from readers. Following an accessibility audit, various improvements have been made to the DDF to facilitate its use and allow as many people as possible to contribute, so that the Dictionnaire des francophones is accessible to all French speakers.

Feel free to download the free app on IOS or Android.

Because French belongs to all those who speak it, this dictionary will allow everyone to have their say! Make your contribution too!

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