Navigating “Art de la Table” with Camille Drozdz

On this episode of Navigating the French, explore the concept of 'l'art de la table', literally 'the art of the table' which goes hand in hand with the French gastronomic experience.

Written by Emily M. Monaco

27 Jun 2023

1 min read

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Navigating “Art de la Table” with Camille Drozdz

Ep. 46 – Navigating “Art de la Table” with Camille Drozdz

In 2010, the French gastronomic meal was protected as a part of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage – and the food was only part of the package. To discuss some of the other elements so entwined in this bastion of Frenchness is Camille Drozdz, the product designer and ceramicist behind Ici l’Atelier and a co-host of TERRE/MER terroir-based retreats in the South of France. She’s here to discuss a phrase closely linked to that oh-so-French passion for food – but rather than talk about what’s in the dishes, she’s interested in the dishes themselves.

Art de la table.

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Emily M. Monaco

Emily Monaco moved to Paris from New York in 2007, and ever since, she has been writing about cheese, language, and more. Her work has previously appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, Saveur, and more. Find out more about her French food faves and international adventures on Instagram @emily_in_france.

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