Navigating “D’Origine” with Dr. Gemma King

Explore the meaning behind the French expression "d'origine" with Emily Monaco and Dr. Gemma King

Written by Emily M. Monaco

15 Jul 2022

1 min read

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Navigating “D’Origine” with Dr. Gemma King

The French would love for you to believe they’re all descended from the Gauls, and as a society have fairly assimilationist views of what makes someone French. Dr. Gemma King is here to help shed some light on a term that might appear to be purely descriptive of a multiplicity of identities within the tapestry of Frenchness but actually has some built-in connotations of purity and what it means to be truly French: d’origine.

Emily M. Monaco

Emily Monaco moved to Paris from New York in 2007, and ever since, she has been writing about cheese, language, and more. Her work has previously appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, Saveur, and more. Find out more about her French food faves and international adventures on Instagram @emily_in_france.

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