Why Australian students should learn French

Why Learn French ? is an educational initiative that provides Australian students and teachers Y8-12 with testimonies and tools meant to inspire and assist them as they undertake French as a second language.

Written by Sacreblue!

20 Aug 2021

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Have you ever heard your students say any of these ? Are you a secondary-school teacher who has to convince students in your school to pick French every year ? We’re here to help !

Over 300 schools throughout Australia logged in on 23rd July 2021 to engage with a panel of french-speaking Australian professionals. They discussed the various ways French has opened up their horizons and adressed students most common concerns towards learning a new language.

Job opportunities, travels, embarassing stories, personal fulfilment – these are only a few of the aspects covered in this one-hour webinar. The webinar is now available to watch online, along with a playlist of over 20 video testimonies designed to encourage, inspire and motivate students on their journey. These resources are free to access and can be broadcast for language awareness days in schools all over Australia.

Want more ? An online escape game is also available. They will help students engage even further with french as a global language.

The  webinar was co-hosted by the FATFA and the Embassy of France in Australia and supported by FIPF, the AFTV and SAFTA. 

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