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I was thrilled to meet and chat to Boris Toucas, the Head of Culture, Science and Education at the Embassy of France in Australia.

Written by Louise Prichard

08 Dec 2021

2 min read

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Boris Toucas previously served as a political counsellor at the embassy of France in the United States and as a visiting fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

Before that, he served at the French MFA headquarters in Paris. Boris works with everything not political and not economic at the Embassy, so all the fun stuff! He focuses on creating opportunities for Australians to know more about France and also for French nationals in Australia to stay connected to their culture. Cultural bonds are important and after talking to Boris I can see that the links being created between the people of France and Australia will be positive and strong.

Sacreblue! has the opportunity now to connect Australians with France who have never known much about French culture.In this LFF ep we will hear all about how Boris came from being a boy in his home town of La Rochelle to travelling the world and being a leader in the Embassy. He spent a few years in the US before coming to Australia. He is so widely travelled having been to almost 70 countries!

I was fascinated to hear the faves Boris shared, his favourite foods, regions to explore, French music and so much more! As well as his detailed understanding of France, which is helping us all fall in love with French culture through the new website Sacreblue!

To listen more about France, click here

Louise Prichard

After countless experiences in France over many years, Louise Prichard created the podcast Loulabelle's FrancoFiles to share her French memories with FrancoFilers in Australia, France and around the world. Lou’s French obsession was inherited from her parents, with her dear Papa joining in on the podcast as a guest in one episode! She learnt French at school and as an adult, hoping she would get there eventually. Then one day an offer came to accompany a friend on her work trip to Paris and Lou’s love affair with France formally began!

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