A Stolen Lady, handmade parapluies, art history & jam! A très beau chat with novelist Laura Morelli!

Written by Louise Prichard

02 Nov 2021

2 min read

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I loved chatting to Laura Morelli as she had numerous fabulous stories to tell, both French and otherwise! Laura is an Art Historian with a PhD from Yale. She is a best selling and award winning historical novelist, in addition to authoring numerous guidebooks for travellers having lived in 5 countries! She often highlights Venice in her work and even though this is a blog for devotees to France, I don’t know any FrancoFilers who don’t love Venice! Laura and I shared our experience and love of Murano glass! She also has some wonderfully inspiring French connections.

Laura shared her story of her first visit toFrance as a pre-teen and how she then returned  eventually to study and live there as an adult for 4 years. I was carried away by the story of an old couple Laura stayed with during one period in France. They were in the French Resistance during the war and their story has stayed with her and assisted with her connections to characters in her books at times too.

So most French obsessed people I know speak about their love of museums and art when they talk of what they like to see when they visit Paris (and sometimes also broader France). Hearing Laura speak about various museums and artists just made me more determined to get back to France as soon as we can!

Hear all the beautiful French details about galleries, artisans, art history and French life in this sweet and lovely chat.

Louise Prichard

After countless experiences in France over many years, Louise Prichard created the podcast Loulabelle's FrancoFiles to share her French memories with FrancoFilers in Australia, France and around the world. Lou’s French obsession was inherited from her parents, with her dear Papa joining in on the podcast as a guest in one episode! She learnt French at school and as an adult, hoping she would get there eventually. Then one day an offer came to accompany a friend on her work trip to Paris and Lou’s love affair with France formally began!

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