Fabulously Delicious – Fouée with Vince Cuce

In this episode, we Vince Cuce about the Fouée which is a little known French flat bread.

Written by Andrew Prior

14 Sep 2021

1 min read

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Vince is Italian but grew up in Australia then moved to Italy and then France to work. We chat with Vince about his career and family as well as his love of the pizza, woodfired ovens and this amazing flat bread the Fouée.

Fabulously Delicious is all about French food and French cuisine the people that make it, cook it, taste it, write about it, photograph it, and love it. We chat with Francofoodies here in France and around the world.

You can check out more information about Andrew Prior and his food journey from MasterChef to France at Andrew Prior Fabulously website and blog via this link.

Andrew Prior

After spending a year in Paris in 2012, he rose to prominence in 2013 in Australia as one of the most popular contestants on MasterChef Australia. In 2016, he moved to France and now has his own food podcast dedicated to French food with an Australian twist, a French food cooking channel on YouTube, and food tours in France.

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