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Take a trip to the Dordogne avec Loulabelle!

Discover the Dordogne as you have never done before!

Written by Louise Prichard

12 Sep 2021

1 min read

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In 2017, I was fortunate enough to take part in a most amazing and life changing trip on an immersion to France.

In this episode of the podcast, you will be guided through the winding roads and petit villages, bringing alive the local rustic-ness I discovered in the Dordogne.

This episode will have the most impact listening on one device and accessing Google Earth on another. Or if you’re wonderfully tech-savvy you may be able to access them both at the same time on the same device! Once in each village, pause the podcast chat to get down on the Google Earth ground and have a virtual walking tour around the town, then re-start the podcast to move on!

We will visit:

  • Monpazier
  • La Roque-Gageac
  • Domme
  • Rouffignac
  • Cadouin
  • Vézac – Les Jardins de Marqueyssac

Come and enjoy a lazy afternoon meandering the Dordogne with Loulabelle – a most picturesque, historic and welcoming part of our favourite destination, France! With French music and chats about the regions food, you will feel like you’ve had a lovely vacances en France!

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Louise Prichard

After countless experiences in France over many years, Louise Prichard created the podcast Loulabelle's FrancoFiles to share her French memories with FrancoFilers in Australia, France and around the world. Lou’s French obsession was inherited from her parents, with her dear Papa joining in on the podcast as a guest in one episode! She learnt French at school and as an adult, hoping she would get there eventually. Then one day an offer came to accompany a friend on her work trip to Paris and Lou’s love affair with France formally began!

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