Art and Environmental Concerns in Oceania: cultural expressions of climate change across the French-speaking islands in the South Pacific


This three-day interdisciplinary symposium is devoted to defining the role of writers, filmmakers and artists in the fight against climate change. What role does culture play in retaining and recording what has been lost, and in shaping a common future for the Pacific? In troubled political times and pressing environmental challenges for the region, how can culture create and mend connections between people?

This symposium will act as a platform for exchanging ideas, showcasing artistic voices and facilitating new connections between Australia, French-speaking Oceania and other regions of the South Pacific. It will bring together scholars, writers, artists and filmmakers, curators and cultural actors from Australasia and French-speaking Oceania. Together, they will discuss ideas across languages and disciplines, creative works, and initiate transnational and interdisciplinary collaborations around the pressing challenges caused by climate change in Oceania.

A key ambition of this event is also to challenge conceptions around climate change, especially the idea that environmental concerns belong to the realm of science and are separate from literature and the realm of imagination.

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