Portrait of Michaela Skovranova / Mishku. Yawuru / Western Australia . Photograph by Andy Hatton

Artist Spotlight: Michaela Skovranova

Michaela Skovranova is an Australian-based film and photography artist that is currently displaying her work on Antarctica in Hobart.

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17 Apr 2022

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Michaela Skovranova is an Australian-based film and photography artist and director originally from Slovakia. Her work focuses on nature and underwater photography and is characterised by  desaturated, moody and intense photographs. Her artwork captures the raw natural beauty of extreme landscapes such as the Kimberley ranges and Antarctica.

Since moving to Australia to continue her work, she has appeared on Artpil’s 2015 list of 30 under 30 women photographers. As per Natalie Dybisz, being a female photographer means for women to “seized hold of an instrument of which they traditionally remains in front, and to use their eye to view the world, rather than use it to throw back a soft, muted glance into the receiving end of a male gaze”.

Michaela also produced the very first underwater live video in Australia for world ocean day in 2018. This project is part of the #PlanetorPlastic pledge which is an initiative of National geographic to bring awareness to plastic pollution.

Some of her artwork

Michaela’s work on Antarctica is currently exhibited in Hobart until the 22nd of April 2022.
For more details to attend click here or book here.

Follow Michaela’s work on her website mishku.com.

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