Belonging to France – one woman’s out of the box experience!

Kerry Milligan appears on our Australian televisions each week on Gogglebox. I loved chatting to Kerry about another aspect of her life which is her connection to France. 

Written by Louise Prichard

07 Mar 2022

1 min read

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Kerry has always felt very connected to Ireland due to her Irish heritage but a punk party in a Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy in 1981 changed her world. She met her French husband and started a journey uncovering all the wonderfulness of France from an “insiders” perspective rather than as a tourist.

When Kerry’s daughter was 14 the little family went to live in France for a year and Kerry has had further stints over there since.

Kerry has such a wonderful warmth and genuine transparency. Talking with her made me feel a beautiful connection to “her” France. It opened my eyes and my imagination further to the way daily French life would be for us as Australians if we’re ever lucky enough to be living over there.

Kerry worried when her marriage to a Frenchman ended that her connection to France would wain. But what she found eventually was that her link to France was a connection of her very own and not just through her husband. She found that she herself belonged to France.

Louise Prichard

After countless experiences in France over many years, Louise Prichard created the podcast Loulabelle's FrancoFiles to share her French memories with FrancoFilers in Australia, France and around the world. Lou’s French obsession was inherited from her parents, with her dear Papa joining in on the podcast as a guest in one episode! She learnt French at school and as an adult, hoping she would get there eventually. Then one day an offer came to accompany a friend on her work trip to Paris and Lou’s love affair with France formally began!

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