Les Jeux Olympiques! Inspiration now, then and in 2024!

In Australia watching the Olympic Games recently in 2021 was a relief for many of us in lockdown. The Paralympics is on as I write this blog and I find myself often overcome with emotion at the perseverance and inspirational stories of so many of the competitors. 

Written by Louise Prichard

07 Feb 2022

2 min read

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I was fascinated to hear in this podcast chat from ma belle amie Sarah Zwick about the main sports that France excels at. This year in the recent Olympic Games France medalled in a variety of events including handball, judo and fencing. Sarah thinks the fencing prowess could be a left over from the Three Musketeers or Les Trois Mousquetaires! It may be the importance placed on fencing through history in France however. It was once a way to become a noble and was also compulsory for soldiers at one point in history too. Good fencers were almost like celebrities in their day!

I discovered through talking about this topic with Sarah that the Olympic Games whilst sometimes just referred to as “the Olympics” or even just “the games” in English, in French it is always called “Les Jeux Olympiques”.

In France, excitement is building for the next Olympics in 2024 in Paris, exactly 100 years since it was last in my favourite city!

Hear all about the plans for the next Jeux Olympiques, as well as stories of inspirational French women athletes and the French founder of the modern Olympics.

With a topic that could have just been a dry recitation of knowledge, this podcast “papotage”  is actually a lovely chat with observations of life, plus learnings of the way a modern institution brings us all joy.

Louise Prichard

After countless experiences in France over many years, Louise Prichard created the podcast Loulabelle's FrancoFiles to share her French memories with FrancoFilers in Australia, France and around the world. Lou’s French obsession was inherited from her parents, with her dear Papa joining in on the podcast as a guest in one episode! She learnt French at school and as an adult, hoping she would get there eventually. Then one day an offer came to accompany a friend on her work trip to Paris and Lou’s love affair with France formally began!

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